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Find the One That's Right for You

Peter Mollo Fitness offers a weekly schedule of classes for every fitness fanatic. Whether you want to dial up the intensity, build up your glutes, work your arms or core, we’ve got a class with a spot just for you. Create your own personalized schedule by choosing the classes that suit your needs. Be sure to download our Free App to view our complete schedule and sign up for your first class today!

Girl Doing Push-Ups


Join us for upperCUT! By combining battle ropes, resistance bands, and heavy bags this class is designed to torch calories, increase your cardiovascular fitness and CUT UP your upper body! 
*Gloves recommended.


This is a full upper body and abs workout designed to Tone and Shape your biceps, triceps, shoulders and back while defining your core! If you are looking for an upper body workout to add to your routine, this is it!


LIFT is a lower body class where you will perform a wide variety of strength based exercises designed to help build and strengthen your lower body!

Muscular Man Lifting Kettle Ball

A$$ 'N ABS

It's no secret that Peter is the #GluteGod. He has come up with a class that combines lower body movements with ab shredding exercises. This class is SURE to set your legs and core on fire while building your glutes!


PUMP is a lower body circuit class geared towards all fitness levels that is guaranteed to strengthen your
lower body, burn fat and
PUMP up those glutes!


(AMRAP) As many reps as possible! It's a perfect format for building intensity, conditioning, endurance and mental toughness! Can you handle it? We KNOW you can!

Lifting Barbell
Barbell and Kettlebell Weights
Cross Fit Class


No Mercy is a High Rep, Strength and Endurance class that uses body weight, weights, and cardio intervals. This class will have you begging for Mercy!


PMF'D is a combination of Pete's unique style of training all mashed up into on hardcore class. You will know what it means to get PMF'D!


Come SCULPT your upper body. With consistency and time this class will shape and tone your upper body while helping you to build strength.

Girls Doing Push Ups


SWEAT is a total body class that involves both strength and cardio exercises to help you blast fat, improve your endurance and build strength. Come get your SWEAT on in this total body class.


Get Ready for a class that feels like your very own personal training session! RIPPED is an upper body class where you will perform a wide variety of exercises to build and strengthen your upper body! Each week we will focus on a different body part!

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Download Our Free Peter Mollo Fitness App to view the entire schedule and reserve your spot today!

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